Many other services are available to you on request based upon your individual needs.  Call our office and allow us the opportunity to assist you in achieving your business and individual goals. We will listen to your concerns and advise you based upon your individual needs and circumstances in order to achieve the maximum benefits attainable.  We would like to hear from you with any questions or comments.

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Management Consulting
Analyzing the challenges faced by many businesses and discussing alternatives to meeting those challenges. For example; financing for major purchases, employing family members and compliance with regulatory agency filing requirements.
Business Entity Formation & Closures
We will help you select the right type of entity for your business. Provide compliance counseling for all types of entities, and maximize benefits for business terminations. We can refer you to local attorneys for preparing your documents.
Business Tax Return Preparation
From Corporations, to LLC’s, to Estate and Nonprofits, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your annual tax return filing requirements. We’ll also counsel you to assure that you do not pay any more taxes than you have to!
Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
We’ll prepare your financial statements for the bank or bonding company. We’ll analyze the results of your business operations and provide you with effective solutions to the challenges facing your business. “You see numbers we see opportunities”.
Cash Flow, Net Worth & Profit Analysis
Assisting you with collection of outstanding account receivables. Helping you obtain financing, or a Line of Credit. Preparation of personal financial statements. Financial planning for future business decisions, such as expansion or retirement.


Quickbooks Set-Up & Training
QB pro 1 imagesThis firm uses and supports QuickBooks. Jim George is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has assisted numerous small business owners maintain their financial records. There’s a reason QuickBooks is the number one business accounting software. To learn more about set-up and training click here.
Bookkeeping Clean Up
We will organize your checking account records, post your banking transactions and reconcile your cash accounts. We will evaluate all outstanding invoices and write off any uncollectible accounts. We will adjust your books to reflect the correct outstanding balances of all credit cards, vehicle loans, inventory, payroll taxes and other balance sheet accounts.
Payroll Preparation Services
We can compute your weekly, biweekly or other periodic payroll from information you provide. We then compute any related employer payroll taxes you may owe and summarize them all in a concise easy to understand memo. The memo and related pay stubs can be sent to you through our secured portal.
Payroll Tax Return Preparation
We can calculate your outstanding payroll tax liabilities and in many cases file the related returns online as your representatives. We will prepare any monthly and quarterly payroll returns for you and give you guidance on how to file them, and pay the related liabilties.


Compliance Counseling
Avoiding conflicts of interest. UBIT, prohibited transactions and a host of other problems. How to establish segregation of duties. Comply with all state filing requirements.
Business Plan Development
Future expansion of operations, obtaining government funding, outsourcing services vs utilizing volunteers.
Cash Flow, Net Worth & Profit Analysis
Budgeting at current levels. Assisting with fundraising ideas, analyzing prior year results.
990 Preparation
Preparation of all  non profit tax forms. 990, 990EZ, 990T, COF85, various other state annual registration forms.