Using Quickbooks for your Business & Accounting needs can be a huge asset, time saver and important tool in how you manage your business.

But do you REALLY know how to use it?

Are you taking advantage of all of the features that are relevant to your business?

Most business owners I know would say a resounding “NO”! Now is the time to learn what you need to know about Quickbooks by hiring us for one-one-one Quickbooks Training & Set-Up.

The Set-Up

We start by learning your business and reviewing your past accounting records.

  • Study and evaluate your software and accounting needs
  • Design and set-up chart of accounts and entire accounting package including payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, etc…
  • Loading your balances as of the starting date
  • Preparation of a list of the items that you sell to your customers. This list includes services, inventory parts, non-inventory parts, other charges and sales taxes
  • Entering your outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable details as of your starting date

Quickbooks Training

Once we set-up your books it’s imperative that you know the right way to use your software so your numbers are always accurate and reflective of how your business is actually performing.

  • We will train you and your staff in the use of Quickbooks to meet your accounting, management and tax reporting needs.
  • Follow up training to ensure you stay “on the right track”
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual review of your Quickbooks data to assist in tax preparation and management reports

How much does it cost?

The key to answering this question depends on many variables. First, we look at where you are today? Do you have existing books or do we need to create them from scratch? Other questions may be about whether you have staff or not, if you have multiple locations, if you carry inventory and in general…how complicated your business is.

Whatever the case, we do our best to come up with a budget that is workable for you.

If you want more information about Quickbooks Set-Up & Training please call us at: 301-473-4445.