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Ethics in Tax Practice

Ethics in Tax Practice

In the course of operating a tax practice, we sometimes find ourselves dealing with issues and situations that seem harmless or insignificant, but that are really landmines waiting to explode.

As practice owners, we must set the standards of performance and adherence to policies that our clients and staff members are expected to follow. No one is above the law. No one is exempt from doing what is right. However, what is wrong, and what is right, what is significant and what is immaterial, is not always simple to determine.

We endeavor to resolve issues in our clients favor whenever possible. Sometimes Tax Practitioners encounter issues that have no clear right or wrong. Some issues may violate the IRS regulations, but complying with them may cause greater injustice. Other issues and treatments may be allowed, but are not ethical.

As Tax Practitioners, sometimes we walk a thin line between compliance and noncompliance to the regulations. However, when the right thing is wrong according to regulations, or the regulations allow things that are wrong, that line becomes unclear. Each Practitioner must decide for themselves what is right, and the best way to handle these dilemmas.

As a Practitioner and a citizen, I feel we need a better way. Something much simpler and easier to administer, so the right and ethical choices are clear to all.