Biggest Audit Risks for Business Owners

Biggest Audit Risks for Business Owners

The Schedule C for an unincorporated business and the Schedule F for farming activities are the forms MOST AUDITED by the IRS! The IRS has published the following list of issues they scrutinize when auditing the Schedule C and the Schedule F:

  1. Lack of record keeping for automobile use – no mileage logs.
  2. Personal phone and meal expenses being deducted.
  3. Expenses of a spouse who is not active in the business.
  4. Deposits vs sales – looking for unreported income.
  5. Employee vs independent contractor status for subcontractors.
  6. Personal use of or conversion of business assets to personal use.
  7. Hobby related activities being reported as businesses.
  8. Farming and horse related activities that lack an expectation of profits.
  9. Home offices that don’t meet the exclusive use criteria
  10. Farm operations that do not allocate expenses between personal and business.

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